Raw Rio Hair

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ensuring complete customer satisfaction to the end-user concerning all RAW RIO HAIR products is the client’s responsibility. This includes the consultation, application of product, selection of product, and any counsel or advice given regarding said product. If RAW RIO HAIR products are not used properly, satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Out of Stock Items

Occasionally, some of our products might be out of stock. If any one of our products is unavailable, it will be reflected on our website. If we run out of stock after pulling your order, we will try our best to inform you of the situation via email or phone and advise you of your options. Should we fail to do so, that part of the order will be cancelled and everything that remains will be shipped.


RAW RIO HAIR has a select few endorsed resellers of our products through Internet retailers. If you are looking to purchase RAW RIO HAIR products outside of our website (www.rawriohair.com) and are sceptical of the nature of the product, our customer service team can direct you to an approved reseller. RAW RIO HAIR cannot guarantee the quality of any product that does not come from an authorized retailer.

RAW RIO HAIR will not be held accountable for any damages caused to the client’s hair during after the hair extension application process. All stylists and consumers agree to use RAW RIO HAIR products at their own risk. RAW RIO HAIR won’t be considered answerable for any work costs related with the item, regardless of whether the item is discovered to be inadequate.

If necessary, we may take legal action against any individuals or entities using RAW RIO HAIR’s name, script, or logo taken from its websites or promotional materials.

To obtain the right to use our logos or names on websites, magazines, or other related materials, please contact us.

Stored Information

RAW RIO HAIR takes the security of your sensitive information very seriously and values your privacy. To further strengthen our server, customer credit card information is not stored. Please know that RAW RIO HAIR maintains the highest level of encryption and security to keep all information safe and will not release, sell, or distribute any information that is provided by you to purchase the products. This is solely to protect our customers’ privacy.

User comments, feedback, and other submissions

By posting on our YouTube page, Twitter profile, Facebook page or other social media pages/profiles managed by RAW RIO HAIR or any of its subsidiary or otherwise related companies, you grant RAW RIO HAIR the right to use the content you provide for our own purposes, including republication in any form or media.

RAW RIO HAIR reserves the right to remove any comment or post made on our site or on any RAW RIO HAIR social media site that we deem to be offensive to any group or individual.